Our Service

We have experienced deep drilling craftsmen available.


In this field we rent out toolpusher, drilling engineers, driller, assistant drillers, drilling craftsmen, tower climber, lock smithes, electricians, mechanics etc.


Our employees ….


  • have finished the offshore training with Falck Nutec, Aberdeen, Teeside, the U.K. and acquired the offshore certificate (certificates can be attached).
  • In addition H2S- instructions, SCC and Fire-Fighting are carried out on a regular basis.
  • They have all the required examinations for the work in heights and for the work under strict work regulations in a contaminated area (H2S).
  • They are equipped with anti-static and anti-flame work wear.
  • They constantly undergo instructions in work safety, no work is begun without setting up a JSA (Job Safety Analysis).
  • They are employed with a long term experience on drilling sites and work according to the ALPHA1 Personalleasing GmbH motto– „Zero emergencies“.